An Effective Anti-Aging Therapy Secrets

What if you discover an anti aging secret to get back in your twenties and get in your best shape ever! Will you be ready to make the needed efforts? And if yes, then this article on anti aging therapy is just for you!

So, here are a few things you need to follow to lead a healthy and satisfied life:

1. A sculpted, toned, ripped body with a flat tummy or 6-pack abs

2. Energy, vitality, endurance and stamina

3. Sex drive to enjoy more and longer love making

4. A sharp and focused mind

And to get all these things is not an easy task for you to do. It demands a lot from you... For this, you need a cutting edge Anti-Aging Fitness Program which is the first of its kind to combine fitness innovation and anti-aging breakthroughs.

Anti Aging Fitness Programs give you the following guidelines to a healthier, younger and sexier life:

Learn to control your mind- You cannot change your body without changing your mind first. You can learn to control your mind and easily change undesired patterns in your life. Then your behavior automatically changes toward the desired behavior.

Stop dieting- In dieting, you typically lose 65% fat and 35% muscle. But when stop dieting, you gain 80% fat and 20% muscle. Finally, you end up getting flabbier and older.

Diets accelerate your aging- Your goal is to gain muscle to balance your aging process. Muscle gain increases metabolic rate and enhances fat burning. That eradicates the diet rollercoaster and makes you look great forever.

Boost up your sex life- Your physique is your sex appeal. The lesser the fat, the sexier you are. The body and mind are connected. Uncomfortable feelings about your body will weaken your sexual desire. Revolutionize your body and win back your libido.

Energize yourself- Your fatigue may not be necessarily due to hard work or tiredness or lack of sleep. You are not running out of energy because you are aging. You are aging because you are running out of energy.

Win your best shape ever!

Stop making lame excuses and act now. Do not wait for the things to come to you! With each passing day you are getting a day older instead of getting younger. Time waits for nobody!

10 Best Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Lips are one of the most beautiful and attractive parts of the body. And thus it needs to be taken proper care of. A chapped lip not only looks ugly but also causes pain and discomfort. Chapped lips are usually characterized by dryness, peeling of the skin on the lips, which may sometimes cause them to bleed and is painful.

Though there are a couple of cosmetic products and lip balms available in the market which can easily help us in getting rid of it, but the best way is to go for home remedies as Grandma’s home remedy has always been effective without any side effects. Secondly, this form of treatment is suitable and effective to everyone. For the lip balms available in the market give temporary relief only. What we need is permanent relief thereby softer lips than before!!

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

1) Foremost of all, properly hydrated lips rarely get chapped. So, water is the first priority for a good skin & lips, of course. 10-12 glasses of water a day is the basic thing you need to do.

2) Coconut Oil - the most natural & the most reliable remedy for this purpose is applying coconut oil every morning and at night, before going to bed. Not just applying it will solve the purpose completely, gently massage your lips and the surrounding skin. You can also increase the number of times you use coconut oil for the purpose. If it suits your skin, there could be nothing better than this!!

3) Clarified Butter - Earlier, everyone used to go for clarified butter application as a natural moisturizer. There were no skin moisturizers available in the market. So, going for natural ways is safer & better always!! Just put some clarified butter on heat and apply on your lips and surrounding skin, when tolerable. Please be careful with such remedies, not to burn your skin!! Use your mind too, before you blame the one who gave you the

4) Vaseline - Get some good natural vaseline, if available.

5) Change your Lipstick - Your lipstick might be causing allergic reaction. Try changing the brand; or color you are using presently; or avoid its use, if possible.

6) Some also say, applying the fleshy side of tomato works, though it stings earlier, but later on it helps in the speedy recovery.

7) Fill a shot of olive oil, dip your finger in it and apply it on your lips and drink the rest of it.

8) Rub a slice of cucumber on your affected area. Many people have found this and effective method.

9) Another method is to apply honey and rose water on the lips and massage them for a few minutes. Then wash it off with fresh water after 15 minutes.

10) Lay a finger alongside your nose and rub it in circular motion around your lips. This may help to pick up the natural oils which your lips are looking for.

Things you need to take care of :
Have a dentist readjust ill-fitting dentures, for that might also be the cause.
Toothpaste -  Also, your toothpaste or mouthwash be the cause behind it. Try changing it for a few days and replace it with a milder one.

All that you need to get rid of an embarrassing and painful situation is a little extra care and attention. Your mouthwash or toothpaste may also be responsible for your chapped lips. So try changing them and take care of the dietary deficiency. And yes Vitamin B-2 supplements may help in treating the chaps in the corner of the mouth.

Dark Circles Under Eyes Removal

Dark Circles under the eyes can greatly affect your appearance and make you look older than your actual age. These are the signs of stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, allergies, malnutrition etc. However, these signs can be easily covered up or can even be made to vanish.

There are a number of ways through which you can remove dark circles under eyes. One of the easiest ways is to drink an ample amount of water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day and eating a well balanced diet is the best way to remove this unwanted spot.

There are also certain products which help a good deal in diminishing the dark circles under eyes, even if they could not remove them completely. According to cosmetologists, nine out of ten people are battling with this undesired feature. Those suffering from chronic, serious dark circles are always on the look out for possible treatments that will get rid of these unwanted spots.

However, most of the remedies available concentrate in lightening the dark color. If you are looking forward to removing the dark circles once and for all, then you are left with few options. These options are cosmetic eye surgery, eye cream to remove dark circles and the usual home remedies.

Cosmetic surgery to remove dark circles is an effective process. However, it is quite expensive as the method of treatment involves the use of laser to stimulate the collagen layers in order to rejuvenate the skin. This is one such method which requires recovery time and is quite risky as well.

Home remedies, on the other hand, are short term treatment and cannot remove dark circles permanently. You have to include them in your daily routine to keep your eyes free from these dark circles. Home remedies are the most inexpensive way to diminish the dark color when dark circle is in its worst stage.

Other than the home remedies and surgery procedure, dermatologists researching on dark circles under eyes have come up with another option for the removal of these ugly spots. This discovery has been a big relief for those suffering from chronic dark circles. One major reason is that it does not involve any bruising or recovery period.

Secondly, it is not as expensive as surgery and is much safer. It is a preservative therapy that works fast in removing the dark color. Revitalume is one such serum that helps in removing the dark circles under eyes.

Benefits of Banana for Hair - How to Use Bananas for Hair Care

There are a number of benefits of bananas. The benefits are not just limited to health but also extend up to beauty treatments as well. It is an effective beauty treatment for skin as well as hair. Banana is rich in potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins that helps in softening the hair and protects the hair's natural elasticity preventing split ends and breakage. Bananas when used for hair has a number of benefits such as it creates manageability, shine, growth and controls dandruff. These are simply the best for hair and the scalp.

Bananas enhance the strength, endurance and shine of the hair and can be referred to as the banana food. Most of the banana hair products are available only at expensive spas and salons. However, you can make your own banana hair conditioner or mask. Just like a facial mask enhances the glow of your face immediately, a hair mask also improves your hair dramatically. Bananas are full of vitamins and is a number one ingredient for strengthening and volumizing the hair. It helps in repairing dry and sun-damaged hair.

The damages that are caused to the hair by exposure to the dirt, pollution and other environmental toxins can be treated with the banana mask. It helps in protecting the hair from further damage. The vitamin B helps in the prevention of split ends. The type of hair that is suitable for this treatment are dry hair, dyed hair and for hair after perm. It also serves as an excellent treatment for addressing the problem of dandruff and is helpful in retaining moisture on your scalp. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in the pack then it is best to avoid using it. Also, excess of everything may cause a reverse effect, so, it is recommended to use it only the required amount.

Diagnosis of Hair Loss

Hair loss is not that easy to diagnose as it seems. You need to take many preventive measures and treatments to cure this disorder. A full set of information about medical and family history can be really fruitful. Also, physical examination helps in getting rid of this problem. The rate of hair loss and the condition of its nearby area are some of the symptoms that help in checking the disease and its phase. There are certain tests that are withheld if the cause is not efficient enough to detect the disorder. Some of them are as following:

Pull Test

Several dozens of  hair are pulled to see how many come out. This helps in detecting the stage of hair fall process.

Skin Scrapings

Samples taken from the skin or few hair that are plucked, gives the information about whether the hair fall is occurring due to some infection or some other skin disease.

Punch Biopsy

In this test, the section of your skin's deepest layer is taken to find out the cause of hair fall. This test is mainly done when you face severe hair fall.

Screening Test

This test is performed to find out whether you are suffering from some medical cause or thyroid, diabetes, lupus.


Hair are clipped or shaved in an area of the scalp and photographs taken for 3-5 days to check the period and pattern of growth.

Hair Window

In this test, hair are shaved from an area of the scalp and evaluated for about 3-30 days. Different changes are observed during this period and then a basic notion is built upon it.

Hair Shaft Evaluation 

This consideration is made by taking a sample of a hair shaft and it is thus evaluated and observed. The evaluation takes at least 5-30 days. This test tells that whether the hair shaft has any fungal infection or not.

Sometimes, hair loss is a side-effect of certain drugs which are used to treat some problems like gout, arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure. There are many fruitful habits that can be formed like good dietary habits, keeping hygiene, staying away from stress and strain, using only herbal products for hair. Yoga and regular exercises also brings a very healthy change in your life.

Home Remedies For Pimples, Cure Pimples

Just go through these home remedies for pimples to get a clean and clear skin forever. 

Enough of these pimples, zits and acne! Forget about those so-called effective pimples or acne medical treatment, and just go for these home remedies:

1. Steam your face

This opens up the pores. wash your face with a mild soap to preserve the needed oils for your facial skin. Wash your face with cold water as this will close the open pores, otherwise the dirt will enter into your skin thereby damaging it badly.

2. Tea tree oil

According to the dermatologists, tea tree oil can be safely used for pimples, at home. Nothing has been confirmed yet as the question of its direct application is still debatable. As tea tree oil causes the secretion of extra sebum so skin must be washed very carefully after a certain time.

3. Change your pillowcase every second day

The reason is the pillowcase that we use everynight is polluted with the dandruff and oils that stick on your face while you sleep. This is an effective home remedy to get rid of the pimples forever.

4. NEEM leaves

Just get some fresh budding neem leaves (orange or yellowish) and crush them in a mortar (hamaam dasta). now apply this fresh raw paste on your pimples. Keep it overnight and wash with fresh water in the morning. Do this continuously for few days. The complete disappearance of ur pimples depends upon the stubborness of the pimples.
A really good pimples home remedy.

5. Face Mask

Or you can also try applying neem face pack over your face. This has really proved to be a great remedy for many, as this neem has the highest medicinal value among all herbs. You can apply this face mask once in a month and increase it to twice a week if it really suits your skin.

6. Face Wash

A good face wash and a little drop of vitamin E mixed with it can work wonders for you. A drop of vitamin E can also be taken from a vitamin E capsule.

7. Sunbathing and Pimples

As you know that sunbathing is a long-term measure, so you must include it into your regular schedule to get the best results. And most importantly, do wash your face properly to get rid of all topical applications such as medicinal creams and makeup before sunbathing.

8. Water

As you might have heard this thing for unlimited times that water is really beneficial for your over all health. And what we do? We never bother about giving it a try. This is true man! Just give it a try. We are ready to go through the hell-like painful acne treatments but we are not ready to get cured without any pains and money. And this is really unfortunate on our part! Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to remove all the toxins from our body.

9. Ice rubbing

Rub ice as soon as you discover a pimple or a whitehead forming under your skin. Ice will shrink your pimple and it will vanish soon.

10. Baking soda and Lemon juice 

If ice does not show the results you expected, then apply baking soda and lemon juice to it at once, and repeat this application in the morning and before bed.

11. Foods

Go for the foods that are rich in fiber, iron and zinc.

12. Other natural tips

Some pimple sufferers have also got themselves rid of it by making use of clove oil, fenugreek or aloe vera.

However, it must not be assumed that the above substances can be used without side effects; always consult a dermatologist before using any pimple remedy. 

Angular Cheilitis Clotrimazole

Research shows that anti fungal medications effectively help in angular cheilitis treatment. Chapped lips or angular cheilitis are caused by fungal or bacterial infections. The condition can be worsened by candidiasis or staphylococcal. Chapped lips are also commonly caused by deficiency in nutrition such as deficiency in vitamin B-2, B-3, B-6 or B-12 and iron deficiency as well. 

Clotrimazole is an anti fungal medication that is used for treating fungal infections of both humans and animals. It helps in the treatment of vaginal yeast infections, mouth infection such as angular cheilitis and ringworm. The drug also helps in the treatment of athlete's foot and jock itch. Also it can be used in certain patients to prevent oral thrush. 

This medication comes in three forms namely cream, lotion, solution, tablets and lozenges. Cream, lotion and solution are used for treating skin infections and tablets are used for vaginal yeast infection. Lozenges are used for the treatment of mouth infection. Here, we are primarily concerned with lozenges that are also known as troches, as it is used for the treatment of angular cheilitis.

If you are using clotrimazole for the prevention of oral thrush, then you need to use it five times a day for 14 days continuously. And you are supposed to use it exactly as directed. The direction for using the lozenges for the treatment of angular cheilitis is to place it in the mouth and let it dissolve slowly over about 15-30 minutes. But do not chew or swallow it. 

Other than clotrimazole, there are other anti fungal medications that doctors prescribe in topical forms for the treatment of angular cheilitis. Though this condition is not life-threatening, however, it requires a lot of attention as it can cause emotional alienation to the sufferer.

Side Effects of Clotrimazole

This medication is associated with certain pros and cons. The side effect can affect individuals in various ways. Some of the side effects associated with this medicine are as follows:

1) Burning sensation

2) Itching

3) Local mild irritation

4) Hypersensitivity

5) Swelling

6) Redness, Irritation

7) Upset Stomach

8) Vomiting with the lozenges

9) Fever

10) Stomach Problems.

If you notice any of these symptoms right after taking the medication then, contact your doctor at that instant. And yes, before you seek for any form of treatment, always consult your doctor as the information provided above is meant for general awareness.